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The Changing Face of E-Pedagogy

Jay Dempster, Centre for Academic Practice

Editors Note
A common difficulty when integrating e-learning approaches is ensuring that the learning process remains central. Many packages focus on transmitting content – enabling tutors to upload lecture notes and support materials to complement their courses. Whilst this is useful in some circumstances, the author of this paper explores some of the problems with such content-driven approaches and discusses the importance if being more creative and innovative – exploiting the new learning opportunities provided by educational technology.

This article utilises a collaborative approach whereby a selection of staff across the University were invited to comment on and respond to some of the issues raised. Opening up a dialogue in this was enables ideas, expertise and developments to be shared within a structured framework – and also creates an environment for ‘thrashing out’ some of the challenges associated with developing successful e-learning practices.

First appeared in Interactions 23 Summer 2004