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E-Learning: Some Lessons Learned

Laura Quigley, Warwick Business School

Editors Note
In this informative paper, written in a light and humorous style, the author describes some of the common arguments against e-learning. She focuses on the ‘defensive barrier’ that some staff may face when trying to embed technology into educational programmes. In addition, the issues resulting from using e-learning purely for the sake of it are outlined – emphasising the importance of thinking through the educational rationale behind developments before they are introduced.

What emerges when reading the paper are the similarities between e-learning and any other form of teaching and learning. The motivators for students' engaging with the technologies are the same, and staff can use the techniques in similar ways in other teaching situations. What e-learning provides is a alternative or extended mode of learning (pedagogy), which can be extremely valuable when integrated into the right situations. Anyone who is interested in e-learning developments but feels slightly bogged down by jargon and technological approaches will find this paper a useful entry point in to this form of learning.

First appeared in Interactions Issue 17 Summer 2002