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Professor Michael Whitby, Pro Vice Chancellor (Teaching & Learning)

“Over the past decade the pedagogical landscape at Warwick, as elsewhere, has changed dramatically. E-learning has survived the hype of some of its early champions, the expensive incompetence of the UKeU, and the competing claims on the time of pressured colleagues. This special publication of Interactions celebrates the journey we have travelled while also clarifying the steps we need to take as we move towards equality of genuine e-quality.” 

Anne Bell, University Librarian

"Determining how we proceed in the future needs to be informed by understanding how we got to where we are now. This publication will prove invaluable in enabling both academic and support staff to build upon our collective prior learning to strengthen the quality of learning experience for future generations of students at Warwick."

Professor Michael Luntley, Head of Department of Philosophy

"E-Learning is no longer a fad or minority interest. The use of new technology now informs and helps innovate teaching and learning across campus. Like any innovation, new practices often develop simultaneously and in isolation from one another... a timely opportunity resource for reflecting and catching up on where we've got to and where we are going."

Dr Paul Taylor, Department of Chemistry

"Did you know that Warwick is nationally recognised for its achievements in e-learning? All a result of hard work our colleagues have put into e-learning over the last 10 years. If you are considering developing e-learning in your courses you should look here first to find out what works - and also what doesn't! Even confirmed technophobes like me will find loads of great educational ideas that will work through other media, though watch out you may end up being an e-convert too."

 Professor Paul Ramsden, Chief Executive, Higher Education Academy

“E-learning has become fundamental to the student learning experience in higher education. No university can risk ignoring the imperative to provide its students with access to services and learning electronically as an essential supplement to other forms of interaction. The challenge now is to make e-learning an integral part of the student experience, rather than an add-on.”

Brian Duggan, President, Warwick Students’ Union

"E-learning enables a student to place themselves at the centre of their learning process, personally shaping their development and learning. Interactions allows this process to be developed in the spotlight of the Warwick community and will I hope be embraced by students and academics, as we collectively deliver improved teaching and learning practices."

Seb Schmoller, Executive Secretary, Association for Learning Technology 

"This is a well structured, wide-ranging, compilation of articles, many of which provide useful insights into how a major UK university has got to grips with e-learning over the last 10 years."