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bullet Teaching and Learning Development: FDTL 4 Proposals

Three bids are being prepared by departments at Warwick for the fourth phase of the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL4). (Stage one proposals will be submitted on 25 January 2002 with the outcome and invitation to proceed to stage two proposal announced on 20th March 2002.)

  • ALPS: Assessment of Learning from Projects in the Sciences (ALPS) Project
    Physics, Biological Sciences, Psychology (inter-institutional bid)

    AIMS: To support Science staff in the process of designing and undertaking the assessment of project work. A key deliverable will be a resource pack including: a process for identifying the learning outcomes of project work in Science; a bank of tried and tested methods for assessing the process and the product of project work in Science; and guidance material in the task of assessing process and product aspects of project work, illustrated with examples of best practice.
  • SABRE: Skills and Autonomy in Biological Research Experimentation
    Biosciences (with potential partners, Imperial, Bristol, UNL and York)

    AIMS: To identify and develop teaching, learning and assessment approaches that prepare students to work independently in the design and undertaking of project work related to practice in research and industry.  To embed the development of the necessary transferable skills and techniques across the entire degree programme in ways that enhances students' progression and achievement and better prepares them for final year research projects.
  • Virtual tutorials for Mathematics
    Maths - single institutional bid to develop interactive tutorials for year 1 mathematics

bullet The RESULTs Network Project (JISC 5/99) - Emerging Outcomes

The RESULTs (Resource Exchange and Support for Users of Learning Technologies) project is led by Warwick in partnership with UMIST and funded by the Joint Information Systems Council to develop a national web portal to support "communities of practice" for users of learning technologies. Early achievements include engaging the UK wide learning technology community, establishing viable structural and functional schemes and an extensive evaluation relating to user participation and needs. A portal prototype with core features was produced in December. The project has successfully established a partnership with the LTSN Generic Centre to develop a wider Learning and Teaching Portal. It is anticipated that Warwick will continue to play a key role in future national developments in this area. A biannual report has been submitted.

bullet ANNIE Project (FDTL3) - Emerging Outcomes

The Accessing and Networking with National and International Expertise, ANNIE Project is led by Theatre Studies at Warwick in partnership with Kent at Canterbury a nd managed by the Centre for Academic Practice. It is funded by HEFCE under the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning. The project has successfully established ten case studies that offer good practice in enhancing student-centred and collabor a tive learning through accessing and networking with remote experts. The outcomes are likely to have the greatest impact in practice-based and visual disciplines where the effective application of technology for sharing and discussing performance is a chal lenging area. An annual report was submitted in June. See ANNIE Project website

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