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bulletE-Learning Needs Analysis

Useful tool for assessing staff development needs in academic practice in HE. (PDF)

bulletE-learning for the teaching profession

A number of useful resources about understanding e-learning in the context of staff development and professional development frameworks supported by ICT.

bulletVirtual Training Suite

This is a set of online tutorials designed to help students, lecturers and researchers improve their Internet information skills'. The RDN (Resource Discovery Network) provides tutorials customised to 40 disciplines with links to subject resources. Amongst the documentation is support for teachers on how they might use the tutorial with their students

bulletRotten Links Hamper Learning

Short article based on the study "The ephemeral nature of educational WWW hyperlinks," published in June's edition of the Journal of Science Education and Technology.

Beyond UK 

bulletSearching for Chunks

The need for interactive learning materials for supporting online learning is widely recognised. However many academics do not have the time to create their own or even search for suitable materials. This short article suggests how the "chunk" approach could be used to find suitable resources that fit both the subject matter and teaching style.

bulletPlease Learn from My Mistakes

David G. Brown, Vice President and Dean of the International Centre for Computer Enhanced Learning, reports on the successes and failures of implementing e-learning within his course

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