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Bullet Technology in Teaching: some acronyms and abbreviations

AI - Artificial Intelligence
CAA - Computer Aided/Assisted Assessment    
CAD - Computer-Aided Design
CAL - Computer-Aided/Assisted Learning
CBL - Computer-Based Learning
CBT - Computer-Based Testing/Training
CD - Compact Disc
CD-I - Compact Disc - Interactive
CD-ROM - Compact Disc - Read-Only Memory
CMC - Computer Mediated Communication(s)
CTI - Computers in Teaching Initiative
DVI - Digital Video Interactive
IT -  Information Technology
ITTI -  Information Technology Teaching Initiative
JANET - Joint Academic Network
LIVE-NET - London Interactive Video Network
SuperJANET - Broadband Joint Academic Network
TCP/IP  - Local area network system protocol
TLTP - Teaching and Learning Technology Programme
TLTSN - Teaching and Learning Technology Support Network
WWW - World Wide Web

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