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E-Tutoring and Transformations in Online Learning

Hugh Denard, School of Theatre Studies, University of Warwick

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From a pedagogical point of view, it has long been recognised that resource-based learning takes place most effectively when students are actively engaged in creating, manipulating, editing, annotating, and interpreting resources.  The School of Theatre Studies at Warwick has led a number of ICT projects, each of which has contributed something to our understanding of issues in the application of technology within Higher Education.  A current project, ARCHES, is looking at ways to bring together resources, and academic and pedagogical expertise, in order to explore innovative ways of deploying electronic resources in teaching and learning.  This article offers a reflection on experiences of designing web activities that seek to develop student autonomy and creativity in learning as well as supporting student collaborative work. It is an attempt to take stock of how we have been trying to re-think and re-define the role of e-tutoring as we learn more about both its pitfalls, and the opportunities that it offers.

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