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bullet  CAP-ET Guidelines for E-Tutoring

The CAP Educational Technology web site provides extensive guidance and materials to support e-tutoring and the development and evaluation of e-learning curricula.See the guidelines on e-tutoring

bulelt  Guidance Materials

bullet  E-Tutoring Skills eBook

OTIS (Online Tutoring Skills) project which was funded by the Communication and Information Technology (C&IT) Programme of the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council have produced an eBook on e-tutoring which has the following sections:

  • Learning online
  • The tutor's role
  • Building an online learning community
  • New assessment methods
  • Evaluation
  • Culture and ethics
  • Institutional Support
  • Staff Development
  • Quality Assurance

bullet  Competencies and training

bullet  Student needs and experiences

bullet  Advisory services

bullet  Promoting E-tutoring through best practice for staff development

The continuous stampede into the distance learning market combined with the introduction of virtual learning environments into on-campus courses in order to increase student numbers, widen access and meet the demands of lifelong learning, now places greater demands on face-to-face teaching staff. However, the cyberspace classroom is quite different from that of the face-to-face classroom and substantial pedagogical shifts will be required for successful online learning. But what is being done to help traditional teaching staff cope with these new pedagogical shifts? How will traditional teaching staff move from teaching in front of a class to teaching in the online environment? This paper will present the arguments that suggest that there is a need for staff who have only taught in the face-to-face situation to receive comprehensive training for their new online role if they are to meet the challenges and demands that online learning/teaching presents.

bullet  Books

  • David McConnell (2000) Implementing Computer Supported Cooperative Learning (2nd Edition). Kogan Page.
  • Gilly Salmon (2000) E-moderating: The Key to Teaching and Learning Online. Kogan Page.
  • David Murphy, Rob Walker and Graham Webb (2001) Online Learning and Teaching with Technology: Case studies, experience and practice. Kogan Page.
  • Terry Evans and Daryl Nation (2000) Changing University Teaching: Reflections on Creating Educational Technologies. Open and Distance Learning Series, Kogan Page.
  • Martin Weller (2002) Delivering Learning on the Net: the why, what & how of online education. Kogan Page.

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