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bullet  Teaching Development Fund

Nine awards totalling £33,000 were made in the three bidding rounds in the 2002-2003 acadmiec year. A total of 15 applicants were received. Brief summaries of the awards made in the Summer 2003 round are given below.

Development of BOSS
Dr Mike Joy, Department of Computer Science
Award: £5000

The project aims to develop the BOSS Online Submission software in use in the Computer Science and other departments, to enhance the accessibility of the software and to increase its scalability. This includes the incorporation of a new user interface that draws on current best practice, together with full web access and will promote its wider use within the University.

Developing a Resource-Based Learning Tool for the Study of Chinese History: A Pilot Project.
Contact: Dr Anne Gerritsen, Department of History
Award: £1342

The aim of this pilot project is to develop a resource-based learning tool for the study of Chinese History. This will involve the redesign of the module 'The Dragon's Ascent: The Rise of Modern China, 1550-2000'.  Web-based learning units will also be developed to provide the students with the skills needed to use independently the primary sources relating to China.

This small project will provide essential experience and information for the planned development of a much more widely applicable, cross-disciplinary, resource-based learning tool for the study of China.

bullet  Using digital resources in learning and teaching

Over the past few years, funding bodies such as JISC have supported the creation of a range of data services. These data services store a range of digital images intended for use in learning and teaching. To encourage the use and re-use of these images, current programmes are focused upon building these digital assets into learning materials. Two of these programmes are the Exchange for Learning (X4L) and Focus on Access to Institutional Resources (FAIR). At Warwick, the School of Theatre Studies and CAP are leading one of 30 or so X4L projects, developing Antiquity Related Collections Harnessed for Educational Scenarios, in short "ARCHES".

The ARCHES project is currently in the process of creating its own repository of learning materials pertaining to ancient greek and roman theatre. The repository will enable images, animations and virtual reality models to be combined and annotated to create materials for learning in theatre studies and related dsiciplines, such as classics, archaeology, art history and performing arts. Where ARCHES differs from other projects in the field is two-fold. Firstly, it is highly multi-disciplinary, which has implications for the standardisation of describing and exchanging resources. Secondly, the functionality of the repository is geared very much towards enabling students (as well as tutors) to create their own collections, presentations and learning materials; and for these learning objects to be shared and further developed amongst students so that they can develop collaboratively capabilities in creativity, reflection, analysis and evaluation.

For more information visit the ARCHES project web site

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