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Bullet  Blackboard, Students and Publishing on the Web

An insightful piece concerning the lack of a feature in Blackboard to allow students easily to publish material, touching on a common failing of VLE's: "There is no technological explanation for why they give students a Discusiion Board, but not a documents folder. The reason seems to be this: Blackboard mimics the classroom"

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bullet  How to Go From Classroom Based to Online Delivery in Eighteen Months or Less:
A Case Study in Online

How does a university go from having no online courses to launching a complete online bachelor's degree in eighteen months or less? This paper describes the experience of one large, private university in designing and launching an online undergraduate program using full time faculty and an existing course of studies. The university is described briefly, after which the degree program to be delivered online is explained. Then, the actual sequence of events from program concept to program launch is discussed. While the entire process took 18 months, the authors believe that a fast-track development cycle could be completed in 12 months. The article concludes with recommendations designed to help other schools considering online program development.

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bullet  What is IMS Content Packaging?

IMS Content Packaging is a specification for sending learning resources (or learning objects) from one program to another, facilitating easier delivery, reuse and sharing of materials.

This article, from CETIS (Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards), defines IMS Content Packaging and states how it works and how it should be used. There is particular emphasis on using IMS Packaging within a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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bullet  Book Reviews

  • E-learning in the 21st Century: A Framework for Research and Practice
    Garrison, D. R. and Anderson, T (2003) London: Routledge Flamer

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