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bullet  CAP E-Learning Guides for Electronic Resources

The CAP series of E-Guides offer both broad and specific guidance on a range of e-learning topics, from an overview of e-learning technologies and their role in teaching, learning and assessment, to information about support and funding available at the University. There are currently 21 e-guides organised into the themes and each includes further sources of reading and guidance.


bullet  Building and Sharing Community Resources

Exchange for Learning (X4L)

This website has been developed to showcase some of the learning materials that have been repurposed so far, and also some of the tools that are attempting to make the processes of repurposing and sharing resources easier for everyone to attempt themselves.

In this website, you will find

  • further information about the aims of X4L
  • demonstrations of two prototype tools and a range of learning materials repurposed using different approaches.
  • a rolling demonstration of the project websites
  • short Powerpoint slide shows produced by the project teams themselves to explain what they have been doing.
  • links to learning materials, reports and other materials

bullet  The Instructional Use of Learning Objects

This is the online version of The Instructional Use of Learning Objects, a new book that tries to go beyond the technological hype and connect learning objects to instruction and learning. You can read the full text of the book  for free.

The book is divided into five major sections.

  • Learning objects explained
  • Learning objects and constructivist thought
  • Learning objects and people
  • Learning objects implementation war stories
  • Learning objects and the future

bullet  Higher Education Academy  Publications

Can generic models be reused and shared May 2003
Designing for reuse and versioning May 2003
The impact of reuse on course development May 2003

Developing and delivering learning objects from a practitioner's point of view

April 2003
Supporting the Reuse of Learning Objects and Processes in VLEs April 2003
Moving from Paper, Chalk and Talk to Blackboard April 2003

bullet  Sit Back and Relax

A Guide to Producing Readable, Accessible Onscreen Text

The site provide guidance on how to format text documents, especially long text documents, so that they may be easily read from computer screens without the need to print them off. To some this may seem an odd goal, but it remains the case that within education, perhaps especially higher education, large bodies of continuous text (books, journals etc.) remain and are likely to remain for the foreseeable future the primary medium of academic discourse; and that discourse is increasingly being conducted online.

bullet  Digital images

TASI Technology Advisory Service for Images

FILTER: Focusing Images for Learning & Teaching - an Enriched Resource

Support for the use of digital images and related metadata for learning and teaching purposes. Illustrates ways in which these images types can be used to support the learning and teaching process through an exemplar database, which contains the generic image dataset, a set of subject-specific image datasets and supporting documentation such as “how-to” guides, case studies and metadata schema.

bullet  Digital video

Click & Go

A JISC funded video project aimed to provide academic and support staff with the resources and information necessary to evaluate and choose the most appropriate technology and pedagogy to use with their students.

bullet  Evaluating the quality of web resources

A set of free online tutorials designed to help students, lecturers and researchers improve their Internet information literacy and IT skills.



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