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Is there an e-pedagogy of resource-and-problem based learning?

Using digital resources in three case studies

Mark Childs, Centre for Academic Practice/School of Theatre Studes (ARCHES Project), University of Warwick

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The development of learning and teaching can be enabled by the use of e-learning technologies. These activities need to be evaluated to identify good practice in their implementation, the study of which is grouped under the umbrella term of “e-pedagogy”. However, whether the inclusion of technology in learning and teaching really constitutes a distinct and coherent set of principles is open to debate.

This debate is informed by reference to three case studies conducted as part of the ARCHES project. Although the addition of technology introduced many learning issues these could all be seen to be extensions of issues that already pertain to classroom-based learning situations. It is therefore cannot be demonstrated that the specific coherent set of principles required to constitute an e-pedagogy is present.

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