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The changing face of e-pedagogy?

Jay Dempster, Centre for Academic Practice, University of Warwick

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E-pedagogy might broadly be defined as ‘learning design that incorporates educational quality, values and effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment activities supported by technology’. On the one hand, one might argue against a separation of ‘e’ pedagogy from any other pedagogy. On the other hand, research and evaluation literature suggests that new modes of teaching and learning are emerging through the use of online networks, access to remote experts and, more recently, mobile technologies. This article outlines trends in thinking in learning and teaching at Warwick and presents a number of issues, presuppositions and questions about appropriate pedagogies for developing e-learning at Warwick.

Using a “review and respond” approach to a draft of this article, a number of staff across the University were asked for their views on the issues of appropriate pedagogical models for developing e-learning at Warwick. Their comments are presented alongside the questions posed in the article.

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