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bullet  E-Pedagogy and Virtual Learning Environment Design

bullet  Online communities as a new learning paradigm:

Paul Shrivastava is a professor of management at Bucknell University and president of a website that engages professors in collaborative teaching of business management. His approach based on the concept of "online learning communitites", re-conceptualizes the technological and pedagogical aspects of online learning.

bullet  Does technology present a new way of learning

The essay suggests certain precepts that should be effective in the design of instruction and its evaluation, particularly if advanced or experimental technology is involved. The arguments are based on the assumption that human learning is a biological process that, when reduced to its essentials, is the product of evolution and does not change even as study habits do. The emphasis is on the aspects of learning that are common to all humans and less on personal preferences for kinds of content or study methods. 

Does technology present a new way of learning Educational Technology & Society 4 (1) 2001

bullet  Bridging the ICT gap : A study of UK online centres

The study provides a detailed snapshot of what was happening in UK online centres in the first nine months of 2002. The goal of the study was to gain an improved understanding of thesocial context of the centres and issues around the creating and exchange of knowledge within and between online community centres.

Bridging the ICT gap Learning Technology Research Insitutute

bullet  I learn by eye, you learn by ear

In this article John Davitt discusses how in the next five years we are likely to learn with increasing certainty how learning happens and how we can make it work for learners of all abilities and needs. Using ICT in all its forms will have a dramatic and catalytic role to play in this learning evolution - especially as we learn more about subtle interplay between hearing, seeing and doing. Yet at the moment we risk confusing the catalyst with the effect - if our gaze stays Þxed on the technology, the dramatic learning opportunities it might encourage could pass us by.

I learn by eye, you learn by ear Education Guardian 09.03.04

bullet  Negotiation, identity and knowledge in e-learning communities

This paper illustrates how groups of e-learners in formal, accredited learning contexts develop as a community, and the way in which members of the group negotiate identity and knowledge

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