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Assessing the stream: Evaluative reflexivity in a multi-platform e-learning project

Jonathan Stevens, School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies & Mark Childs, Centre for Academic & Professional Development, University of Warwick and Erik Lint & Peter Eversmann of University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The JISC/SURF funded ‘Streaming Theatre’ project centres around the Cross-Cultural Performance Analysis module, which is taught jointly between the School of Theatre Studies at the University of Warwick and the Theaterwetenschap at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA). This article explores the challenges faced between the partner institutions in devising adequate systems for student evaluation and assessment throughout the project. Initially focussing on the appropriation of formative platforms that best fit the module’s learning outcomes, we move to evaluate the systems in place (both human and technological) that feature in the final summative assessment. In conclusion, this article addresses key issues that will inform the future development of assessment methodologies within the Cross-Cultural Performance Analysis module. The primary argument is that the process of establishing, then enforcing, shared responsibility while simultaneously building confidence with technologies should form the bedrock of distributed learning environments and ongoing assessment within them.

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