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bullet  Integrated web-based teaching environment

Warwick IT-based Teaching Innovations (WITTI) Ref: 7
Helen Dennis, English and Comparative Literary Studies

For the first time, this term, the course EN223 will have access to integrated web resources and communication learning environments for accessing course learning materials, discussion groups, online seminars, and discussion archives.

The environment provides the following

  • Lecture notes information from lecture material, further notes and bibliographies, reading lists etc.
  • Seminar group link for sending messages to an email list comprising all students and tutors for discussion of academic issues relating to the course, tutor interaction, some monitoring for assessment
  • Discusion archive a permanent record of the seminar group postings
  • Café a link to the course newsgroup for discussion of more informal aspects of the course (including social chit-chat), not monitored by the tutor
  • Ask Helen an email link to request specific help and information from the tutor as opposed to the group

The aim is to give students on the course a richer environment in which to access learning materials and communicate with the course tutor and each other. This should increase the time available for the discursive component of the course and improve the feeling of community between the students. That the whole environment is based on the web should help the students to put various teaching activities of the course into perspective.

It is hoped that other courses will be presented in this manner in due course. For example, learning resources for course EN123 are also being set up on the web.

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