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In DeLiberations we are now providing a list of the large number of journals concerned with the teaching of specific disciplines ( and interdisiplinary areas ) in higher education. We have also developed a list of generic educational development journals. Both lists exploit the web by having links, where available, to the journal's site or a site with some detailed information on the journal.

The lists can be found at:

Firstly, the discipline based list:

We hope that this list will be particularly valuable to discipline based academics looking for ideas to improve their teaching and in identifying places to publish teaching and learning related research. This list should also help educational developers and librarians in working with discipline based staff. It is based on a range of sources ; including a listing by the Center for Faculty Evaluation and Development at Kansas State University ; the journals that are abstracted in Research into Higher Education Abstracts; and the list compiled by Maryellen Weimer in her article "The Disciplinary Journals of Pedagogy" , Change , November / December, 1993 , 44- 51. Alan Jenkins presented an argument for this approach to educational development in "Discipline-Based Educational Development" in The International Journal of Academic Development, May , 1996 , 1 (1) , 50-62 .

Secondly, there is a list of educational development journals:

Here there is a list which will interest educational developers who wish to access journals dealing with teaching and learning in a higher education context. You will find links to table of contents pages, editorial guidelines, where to ask for inspection copies etc. We recognise that this list is primarily UK based and we would particularly value colleagues from outside the UK sending us their suggestions as to any journals we should add.


Professor Alan Jenkins (Oxford Brookes University)
Graham Alsop (London Guildhall University)

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