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  • LTDI - Implementing Learning Technology
    Very valuable publication from the Scottish Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative on practical approaches to getting techniques off the ground.
  • Issues in adopting IT into teaching and learning situations
    Also from the TILT project, explores the issues involved based on evaluations from case studies. An interesting account of perceptions in UK HE and the kinds of evidence used to convince teachers and administrators that it is worthwhile investing in IT in student learning.
  • Teaching with Electronic Technology
    The World Wide Web sites collected on this page reflect my interest in the considerable variety of uses for computing and related forms of electronic technology in teaching. I have arranged them in no strict order, but have tried to proceed from the more general and theoretical resources to some instructive examples of specific applications of technology to teaching and learning. Like many other websites, this one tends to change and grow as I find time to revise and update these links. I am grateful to those who have made suggestions and introduced me to additional sites on teaching with technology. -- Michael L. Hall, University of Maryland, USA

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