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bullet  Auto-interactive Teaching and Assessment System (ATAS),

Boris Mouzykantskii

Giving students experience of problem solving has always been a major part of university science teaching with a set of problems usually accompanying each lecture course. These problems are not normally assessed, and regrettably many students do not attempt to solve them or they leave them until well after the course is finished.

Marking the solutions dramatically increases students' interest and participation. However, it requires a large amount of extra time. In my experience marking a simple weekly assessment takes at least 5 minutes per student, which equates to over 7 hours a week for a course with 100 students.

ATAS version 1 My prototype Auto-Interactive Teaching and Assessment System (ATAS) uses the WWW to reduce dramatically the overhead associated with distributing the problem sets, collecting the students' submissions, marking and recording the marks. It is specifically geared to courses with a high mathematics content.

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