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Bullet Creation of Study Environments (COSE)

COSE is a web-based teaching and learning system that offers a structured approach to achieving a research-orientated approach to learning through course design and learning assessment.  This presentation describes the COSE web applicationand educational model. 

Bullet  Meeting the Dearing Challenge: How Netskills Can Help

Netskills offer a range of hands-on Internet training workshops, Internet training materials and Web-based tutorials, which provide an excellent way of equipping you or your colleagues to face the Dearing challenge. 

Bullet Java: Past, Present and Future

Short review of the status of Java in web-based education, follow-up to article which appeared in Interactions Volume 1, No. 2 Summer term 96/97 - Java : The next generation? by Joel Crisp, ETS, University of Bristol, now Java Consultant at Sun Microsystems. 

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