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bullet Implementing learning technology into curricula in research-led institutions 

Working with the grain of research-led institutions, the TELRI Project aims to enhance student learning through a link between research and teaching focused on the development of scholarly practice, which brings together a 'culture of inquiry', the 'process of inquiry' and 'learning'. TELRI advocates that the quality of student learning can be enhanced by using the processes of research practice within the context of each discipline as a blue print for course design. These "research capabilities" reflect the intellectual processes of scholarly practice. Such processes are  carried out by academics in their research practice, and indeed, often intuitively in constructing essay questions or problems as part of student assessment. Using a research-orientated approach within course design can assist in clarifying to students (and indeed QAA!) the intended course purpose, the assessment goals (or learning outcomes) and the process of achieving high quality work. 

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