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Issues on Learning and Teaching affecting the HE sector: The University's responses

Ken Sloan, Vice-Chancellor's Office, University of Warwick


The following publications have been received by the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar's Office in the past two weeks. While the University's response in each case is actioned by a nominated Officer on the advice of the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar, all staff are invited to consult these documents for their own interest and to provide information on issues affecting the HE  sector. 

HEFCE 99/55  Institutional Learning and Teaching Strategies

A guide to support institutions as they prepare their learning and  teaching strategy and plan for the implementation of their strategy,  in advance of responding to the HEFCE by 31 January 2000. 

HEFCE 99/56  Additional Student Places and Funds

HEFCE 99/57  Higher Education Student Early Statistics Survey 1999-2000

The annual return from institutions to HEFCE on full time equivalent  student numbers. 

HEFCE 99/58  Higher Education in Further Education : Students Survey 1999-2000

Annual Survey of Institutions 

HEFCE 99/59  Research Activity Survey

Annual report which asks Institutions to update their research  activity data. 

HEFCE Annual Report 1998/99 

Summary of HEFCE's activities during the past activities.

Library copies are available in Room 216 Senate House and these  should be returned after use. 

Other useful reports are available from the following sites: 

Each department is also being sent copies of the CVCP briefing  papers and HEFCE Monthly Newsletters which can be circulated  and retained. 

If you need any more information on any of the above, please contact me. 

Ken Sloan 
Vice-Chancellor's Office

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