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Warwick Contributors

The following staff have contributed one or more times to Interactions and have published either an article or a short innovations summary reflecting on their own or department's teaching and learning developments. I would like to take this opportunity to thank contributors wholeheartedly for the time they have set aside to share their ideas and experiences with others at Warwick and beyond.
The Editor

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Sam Adelman School of Law
Mike Allen Centre for Scientific Computing


David Baker Department of Politics & International Studies
Susan Barker Institute of Education
Paul Blackmore Centre for Academic Practice (formerly)
Adrian Boucher Natwest Financial Literary Centre
Ann Butchers Warwick Manufacturing Group


Peter Carpenter School of Engineering
Mark Childs Centre for Academic and Professional Development
Chris Clark Department of History
Christine Coe IT Services (E-lab)
Antony Colombo Department of Sociology  (formerly)
David Crout Department of Chemistry


Carol Davis Warwick Business School (CHSS)
Jay Dempster Centre for Academic and Professional Development
Hugh Denard School of Theatre Studies
Helen Dennis Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies
Amanda Dowd Warwick Manufacturing Group


Jim Evans Centre for Academic Practice (formerly)


Peter Ferdinand Department of Politics & International Studies
Professor Sir Brian Follet Vice-Chancellor (formerly)


Anne Gerritsen Department of History
Sallie Goetsch School of Theatre Studies (formerly)
Robin Green Library (formerly)


Geraldine Hartshorne Department of Biological Sciences
Trevor Hawkes Mathematics Institute
Stephen Hicks Department of Biological Sciences
Evor Hines School of Engineering

Jane Hope

Centre for Academic Practice (formerly)


Tony Ingram Warwick Manufacturing Group affl.


Robert Johnson Department of History
Mike Joy Department of Computer Science


Dominic Kelly Department of Politics and International Studies
Graeme Knowles Warwick Manufacturing Group


Dennis Leech Department of Economics
Graham Lewis Centre for Academic and Professional Practice
Shengcai Li School of Engineering
Mike Luck Department of Computer Science (formerly)


Nick Mann Department of Biological Sciences
Kevin Moffat Department of Biological Sciences
Boris Mouzykantskii Department of Physics
Liam Murray The Language Centre` (formerly)


Dave Neilson Institute of Education (formerly)
Hilary Nesi CELT
Sue Niebrzydowski Centre for English and Comparative Literary Studies


Robert O'Toole IT Services Elab
David Overton Warwick Manufacturing Group


Abdul Paliwala School of Law
Chris Pegler Warwick Business School (formerly)
Victor Perkins Department of Film & Television Studies
John Pickering Department of Psychology
Loredana Polezzi Department of Italian Studies
Alan Pritchard Institute of Education


Laura Quigley Warwick Business School (formerly)


George Raper Institute of Education
Shelagh Rixon Centre for English Language Teacher Education
Mick Roach Centre for Academic Practice (formerly)
Ben Rosamond Department of Politics & International Studies

Sally Rushworth

Warwick Business School (formerly)


Michelle Selinger Institute of Education (formerly)
Philipa Sherrington Department of Politics & International Studies
Christine Smith Centre for Academic and Professional Practice
Jon Stevens School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies
Alyson Stibbard Mathematics Institute (formerly)
Adrian Stokes Centre for Academic and Professional Practice (formerly)
Stuart Sutherland Warwick Business School


Paul Taylor Department of Chemistry
Professor David Thomas School of Theatre Studies
Alexander Tiskin Department of Computer Science
Selina Todd
Department of History
Margaret Toozer Warwick Business School


Daciana Udrea School of Engineering


Ashley Ward Department of Computer Science
Michael Whitby PVC Teaching and Learning
Christiania Whitehead Centre for English and Comparative Literary Studies
Christa Williford School of Theatre Studies
Linda Wilson Department of Psychology


Catherine Zara Centre for Lifelong Learning


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