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Case Studies

Case studies on research-based learning at Warwick

English Comparative Literary Studies
The course enables students to study a selection of North American women authors. The students critical analysis skills are encouraged by online group discussion and analysis. A TELRI case study. pdf (PDF Document)
French Studies
During their year in France or an approved francophone country, French students prepare dossiers on three French-related topics of their choice, and write three essays. In addition they carry out a language observation exercise. word (Word Document)| pdf (PDF Document)
French Language Learning
The course aims to build up linguistic knowledge and understanding through creative use of the target language focussing on student-centered learning approaches. The objectives are to conduct background study through research and to use these materials as a basis for presentation and discussion. A TELRI case study. pdf (PDF Document) 
History of Art
A research-based thematic lecture programme with accompanying seminars designed to enhance students' awareness of art-historical theory and method. word (Word Document)| pdf (PDF Document) 
Researching Local History
An online course from the University of Oxford that enables students to become confident and proficient researchers in family and community history. A TELRI case study.
pdf (PDF Document) 
Italian Studies Translation Work
This course enables students to research translation texts. Groups of students work online using enquiry based methods. A TELRI case study.
pdf (PDF Document) 
School of Theatre Studies
Theatre studies students explore online and CD-ROM based resources created by theatre groups in order to develop their specialist research areas. word (Word Document)| pdf (PDF Document) 
Theatre, Teaching and Information Technology
The Ancient Theatre on a Modern Stage (ATOMS) course is a research-based course. The students are given the opportunity to conduct original research drawing upon guidance and feedback from their peers as well as the course tutor. A TELRI case study. pdf (PDF Document) 
Research Methodologies
The research methodologies course from the University of Southampton provides student teachers with the opportunity to study a number of research methods. Submission and group discussion of the students assignments is carried out online. A TELRI case study.
pdf (PDF Document) 
Law in Development Disseratations
A postgraduate masters course with its main output being the research dissertation. Students were encouraged to improve their research skills by online collaborative work  A TELRI case study. pdf (PDF Document) 
Warwick Business School
This module develops the critical analytical skills of all WBS undergraduates through student-led analysis of key contemporary issues in business and its relations with society. word (Word Document)| pdf (PDF Document) 
Bioinformatics on the Web
The course focuses on solving a real research problem in the area of genomics. Students work publish their findings online for peer discussion and review. A TELRI case study. pdf (PDF Document) 
Information Technology for Chemists
The course develops students' awareness of  information that is available on the web for chemists and encourages them to critically evaluate such information. A TELRI case study. pdf (PDF Document) 
Developing research skills in mathematics. The aim of the course is to demonstrate the interconnectivity of different areas of mathematics, to provide the opportunity for students to apply theory to practical problem solving and to encourage the development of key skills including communication and group working. A  "Teaching in the Sciences" case study.