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Criteria for the Awards

Criteria for Nominations

The criteria for the awards are designed to dovetail with the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme and are therefore based on the criteria for that scheme.

Where possible you should give an indication of how the nominee

  • Has been effective in innovating, promoting and enhancing the learning experiences of the diverse student body either through teaching or supporting learning

Members of staff nominating a colleague or self nominating could additionally comment on how the nominee

  • Has influenced colleagues and contributed to the improvement of teaching / learning support provision in a way which goes beyond their immediate role and responsibilities. This influence is recognised and supported by others

Criteria for Finalists

Please describe how you demonstrate excellence in your practice according to the following criteria.  Not all finalists will meet all of the criteria.  Your statement should concentrate on the areas that are most applicable to you.

The word limit for the supporting statement is a maximum of 3000 words.  The Panel will be unable to consider any further information, appendices or documentation.

Promoting and enhancing the student learning experience.

Stimulating and inspiring learning
Imaginative use of resources
Recognition of a diversity of learner needs

Supporting colleagues and influencing support for student learning.

Demonstrating impact and engagement beyond your immediate academic or professional role.
Contributing to the development of colleagues
Contributing to wider initiatives to facilitate student learning

Commitment to professional development with regard to teaching and learning (and/or learning support).
Continuous professional development
Development of teaching and learning through review and enhancement of individual practice

You may also wish to make reference to examples of supporting evidence such as:

  • student feedback and evaluations, 
  • feedback from peer observations, 
  • feedback from other national engagements, 
  • student support materials, 
  • work with other partner institutions and organisations.

You will also need the signatures of both the Head of Department and the Chair of Faculty. The completed form should then be emailed to

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For Nominations

For Stage Two Finalists