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Micro-teaching Sessions

LDC will be providing a series of 'micro-teaching' sessions, beginning in term 1, to enable sessional teachers in the pilot departments to put some of their learning into practice in an interdisciplinary setting.

These are facilitated events in which 4-6 participants deliver a 10-minute micro-teaching session using teaching techniques that they would like to explore in an environment of their peers. Both those presenting and forming the audience have an opportunity to learn from the trialing of teaching techniques, with the audience providing feedback.

Questions from the audience will follow each micro-teaching session and written feedback will also be provided for each presenter to give helpful responses to their activities.

Date Time Venue
These sessions have been cancelled.



Session facilitated by

Learning and Development Centre

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Alignment with UKPSF


A1: Design & plan learning activities

A2: Teach and/or support learning

A4: Develop effective learning environments & apporaches to student support/guidance.

Core Knowledge:

K1: The subject material

K2: Appropriate methods for teaching and learning

K3: How students learn