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The Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence PGR look a little different this year.

It has become commonplace to say that we are living through an exceptional period for higher education. Since March 2020 we have all had to quickly adapt to meet unanticipated challenges, to teach and to learn in often unfamiliar ways.  So, just as the year of COVID-19 has necessitated different approaches to education at Warwick, it also necessitates a different approach to celebrating success.  

This year the WATE PGR aims to recognise those who have made a difference to the student learning experience through their work and their teaching practice. We will be celebrating stories of ’everyday excellence’ in challenging times. In doing so we are looking to share stories of exceptional value and plant the seeds for future approaches to teaching and learning as we emerge from the global pandemic and made an impact either directly or indirectly by supporting colleagues.

For the first time we also want to reward the contribution made by those working collaboratively to teach and support student learning, so you can nominate one person or a group of people who have worked together to create something that made a difference in a difficult year.   

Changes for the 2021 PGR Awards:

1. Increasing recognition. We have increased the number of winners across WATE PGR to enable us to acknowledge a wider number of colleagues. Therefore, this year we will have: 

  • WATE PGR: 10 individual awards of £300 each

2. Updated Nomination Criteria: to reflect the exceptionally challenging times we have reviewed and updated the awards criteria.

Read below to find out more about 1) Eligibility, 2) Nomination Criteria and 3) Timeline and Stages:

1) Eligibility

Who can be nominated?
All staff who teach or support student learning at Warwick are eligible to be nominated for an Award. Nominees can be part-time, non-permanent, or sessional members of staff, including visiting academics and postdocs. Those who do not have traditional teaching responsibilities are encouraged to consider the updated criteria and how their role has resulted in them making a difference whether directly or indirectly to student learning.

Colleagues may only accept a nomination for either WATE/WATE PGR or WAPTE. If a colleague is nominated for both, they will have to choose which awards scheme they would prefer.

Who can nominate and how?
Any staff or student can nominate. Individuals can make more than one nomination and nominees can be nominated by more than one person. Self nominations are not accepted. Nominations must be received by the nomination deadline (see timeline).

2) Criteria

Depending on role and context, individuals may be nominated for:

  • Creating engaging, accessible and inclusive learning, teaching and assessment.  
  • Connecting and supporting students to learn collaboratively, at Warwick and globally during the last year.  
  • Supporting students through their holistic approach to learning and teaching; demonstrating care for students’ wellbeing and ensuring that all students are able to access and succeed, by minimising barriers to engagement.  
  • Creating responsive learning opportunities to meet student needs in challenging times; being curious about how students are experiencing their learning; creating open channels of communication and listening to students; seeing teaching as a process of continual enhancement.  
  • Contributing to the support and/or development of colleagues resulting in indirect impact on the student learning experience.  
  • Contributing to wider institutional or disciplinary effort to support student learning during pandemic. 

3) Timeline and Stages

The Awards operate in two stages:

Stage One (Nominations)
  • Nominations may be submitted by both students and staff, following the awards criteria guidance provided on the digital nomination form.
  • Nominations for stage one will close on Monday 15th March 2021.
  • Stage one nominations will be reviewed by a panel of judges drawn from across the University. All stage one nominations will be evaluated and a shortlist of up to 20 individual nominees will be selected to proceed to stage two. All nominees will be contacted at this point to be informed of the outcome.
  • The judging panel will then invite shortlisted nominees, by Monday 26th April, to submit a “Nominee Statement” capturing their success story to explain more about their work and how it has made a difference to the student learning experience.
Stage Two (Nominee statement)

Capturing success stories, future sustainable practice and its impact on the student learning experience

We are also looking to celebrate educators who will help to shape the future of education at Warwick, and so wish to hear about how nominees will learn from their experience during 20/21 and what they will take forward, adopt and adapt to enhance student learning. 

Into a sustainable future: the Nominee Statement 
Building on the aspects of the criteria for which they were nominated, the Nominee Statement should reflect upon nominees' success stories and consider the changes that have been made to practice as a result, and its future enhancement, sustainability and impact on the student learning experience, either directly or indirectly. 

If you are selected your statement needs to include evidence of: 

  • Reflective practice: how to look back to move forward? What have you learnt so far from the experience for which you have been nominated?

  • Future enhancement and sustainability: what has emerged from your success story that you consider you will continue to use moving forward as part of practice? and why?

  • Impact: what is the potential for your success story to be shared and developed? And/or
    What are the opportunities for this to impact further with colleagues, across departments, Faculty, and institution to make a difference to the student learning experience?

Nominee statements will be a maximum of 1000 words.

Winners will be notified of the panel's decision by Monday 7th June and announcements made on this website and through Insite shortly afterwards.

After the awards...
  • Sharing of practice activity: In the week beginning Monday 5th July the WATE/WATEPGR organisers will work with the winners to create a digital presence. We will generate digital assets and organise events to bring alive the stories of success and to share these with colleagues across the institution and beyond.
  • Acknowledgement of winners: In the Autumn 2021 there will be a formal acknowledgement of all winners through either a face to face or online celebration event, where the digital resources will be shared more widely.
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Terms of reference

The Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence is administered by the Academic Development Centre. WATE is supported by a selection panel comprised of individuals drawn from across the University. All decisions made through the process are final.

All nominations will be treated in strictest confidence and names of nominators will not be shared with nominees.