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PJC Digest 3

In surroundings more conducive to growth than previous meeting places, the PJC had an hour and a half of engaging, well informed and wide ranging discussions about feedback in higher education. Of the papers we looked at, the Nicolls work was recieved warmly by the group,We discussed a range of methodological issues, as well as the value of the quantitiaitve and qualitive evidence provided by the papers and the appropraiteness of data handling technquies employed by all three teams of authors.

Using a more structured approach to timings and with some timely interjections, we managed at last to cover all three of our objectives including a lively discussion around where feedback best practice exisits at Warwick, both Theatre Studies and Film Studies were highly commended by the team.

From this meeting a tangeble outcome was that the group were energised by the benefits of discssing pedagogy with colleagues from other departments and we spent some time considering whether we should work on the production of an article which discusses the effect that these regular sessions, which include both support and challenge, have had on our own professional practice and our pedagogic choices. It is interesting to think again about growth at this point;

"To grow to our full potential, we have to be in the right environment. Growth thrives in favorable conditions. You and I grow the most when we surround ourselves with people and opportunities conducive to our development." (Maxwell 2014) find Maxwell's growth website here

If you would like to contribute to a PJC author team please let Kate know via email and she will look at setting up a writing group in the near future with an aim to produce a finished article for the beginng of the 2017 academic year, it would be a reflective piece and not based on quantitiaive data but may well use case studies to explain through narative, changes that members of the PJC have witnessed in their practice which has stemmed from their engagement with the PJC.