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WIHEA Masterclass: Student Experience of Peer Evaluation and Assessment of Group Work

Wednesday, 3 April 2019
12 - 2 pm in Experimental Teaching Space & Collaboration Area, Teaching Grid, Main Library

Over the past two years the School of Engineering has been considering approaches to assessment of group work with a particular interest in how assessment criteria impacts behaviour in a group setting. With industrial experience including interviewing of graduates for jobs in a large engineering company and management of teams, Thomas Popham and Claire Lucas have identified new criteria which can be applied in undergraduate group work. By evaluating the dynamics of student groups, they have established competencies which lead to more effective teams and which facilitate shared technical learning. This is in contrast to previous assessment criteria which rewarded leadership (rather than shared ownership), distribution of tasks (rather than collective work-product) and action-focussed meetings (rather than active problem-solving). In further work, we want to explore the experience of peer evaluation by students across the University and, in particular, those from non-traditional backgrounds who may be disadvantaged by traditional leadership models. We therefore invite you to hear about our 12 month pilot and to contribute experience from your own discipline, especially if your discipline requires a specific skill-set for employability.

To reserve a place, please complete the WIHEA Event Booking Form
To reserve a place at this Masterclass, please complete the
WIHEA Event Booking Form