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International Visiting Schemes

We are looking for international academics who have made an impact within their specific field of teaching, innovation or enhancing the student experience. To ensure activities funded through WIHEA relate directly to Warwick’s strategic, policy and emerging institutional considerations, we require our WIHEA Fellows to either support or take a lead on overseeing any visits.

If you would like to discuss a potential visit, please contact Gwen van der Velden on, or

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Exchange Scheme


Funded by the Monash Warwick Alliance, this scheme is managed by the Monash Education Academy and the Warwick International Higher Education Academy and provides a funding contribution to enable sharing, development and review of innovative pedagogical activity between the two institutions through exchanges of leading educators.

The funding contribution available for a single visit is up to a total of $10,000/ £5,000 and nominations can be submitted by and to either institution throughout the year. There is only a limited amount of funding available each year, so please email to enquire and if funding is still available we will provide you with an application form and guidance notes.

Upcoming Visits

Monash Exchanges

Past International Visitors

International Visiting Teaching Fellowship


Managed by the Warwick International Higher Education Academy, this Fellowship Scheme encourages leading practitioners in teaching and pedagogical innovation across the world to share and engage with a wide cross-section of the University. This year the scheme has been widened to include individuals with significant international experience who are currently based in the UK.

The funding contribution for a single visit is up to a total of £5,000 and nominations can be submitted throughout the year.

Please email for a nomination form and guidance notes.