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Dr Lucy Hammond

Dr Lucy Hammond, Associate Professor; Postgraduate Academic Lead – Student Experience, Warwick Medical School, visited Monash University between 18 - 22 March 2019, hosted by Prof Marilyn Baird, Head of Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences; Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching. Dr Lucy Hammond leads the Professional Project and Dissertation modules for all Warwick Medical School postgraduate taught students, and has a strong interest in student research, particularly around the challenges and opportunities for wider dissemination of student inquiry.

The purpose of the visit was:
1. To explore opportunities for collaboration in teaching and learning practice and pedagogy scholarship in relation to student research in postgraduate taught programmes
2. To share practice in relation to student research within postgraduate taught degrees in health
3. To explore best practice for student research assessment in coursework programmes
4. To explore the value, purpose and best practice for student research in postgraduate taught programmes, and develop a network of individuals who are interested in these issues across the academy at Monash University
5. To learn about the Practice Research Lead role and remit, to inform conceptualisation of research for practitioners and to explore how this can be further developed

As part of the visit, Lucy led a faculty level workshop on student research in health and medical programmes and a faculty level rubrics workshop. She also took part in a cross-university round table discussion hosted by MEA about conceptualising student research in postgraduate taught programmes, which led to further iteration of this subject to a group of science educators. Through the cross-university round table discussion, a group of interested academics has been identified and further discussion and collaboration, with support of the MEA, is being explored. Outcomes of the round table discussion are attached below.

Conceptualising student research in postgraduate taught programmes roundtable - Outcomes

It is intended that a similar group of interested individuals can be identified at Warwick. Assessment practice was shared between Warwick and Monash and opportunities for incorporating the Warwick Medical School dissertation model into the Monash MAP assessment options are being explored. Furthermore, a small bid is being scoped to evaluate the Warwick Medical School dissertation model, in particular the impact of the reflective component on health care professionals (Dr Kelly-Anne Bowles, Professor Marilyn Baird, Dr Lucy Hammond).

An MWA Education Fund bid is in preparation to jointly develop a suite of shared electronic learning resources in this area to support students in conducting practice-based/quality improvement scholarship and inquiry (e.g. service evaluation, service development).