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Dr Jonathan Heron

Dr Jonathan Heron, IATL Deputy Director and Principal Teaching Fellow visited Monash University from 15 November to 11 December 2017.

The main objectives of the visit were to:

  • consolidate and extend the 'portal pedagogy' collaboration at the heart of the Alliance
  • forge new partnerships between the arts and sciences thorugh interdisciplinary pedagogy thorugh a series of workshops
  • scope a new propososal for Seed Funding in 2018/19 about the futureof learning practices.

A summary of some the events and activities that took place in Monash during the visit included:

‘Monash Meets Malthouse’

Guest of Centre for Theatre and Performance and meeting with Jane Montgomery Griffiths & Felix Nobis.

STEM Education Group Event

Bonding Theatre and Science: A workshop enhancing STEM subjects through performance within classrooms at Warwick and Monash (Performing Chemistry).

Trans-disciplinary Pedagogies

A workshop exploring the emerging interdisciplinary curriculum within (and beyond) the Monash-Warwick Alliance. Colleagues will be given the opportunity to respond to existing practice as well as develop new ideas for transdisciplinary programmes.

For more information, contact Dr Jonathan Heron directly on