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Project Proposal B: Internationalisation

Proposals are invited for a project on embedding international learning into the curriculum. The project is intended to lead to case studies and guidance on how to internationalise existing curricula (courses or modules) that can be used by a wide range of disciplines. Bidders who include ‘study abroad’ elements in their project are specifically asked to help the institution learn from their efforts about international student experience in relation to assessment (regulations) and accreditation as appropriate. Examples of topics bidders may wish to consider are listed below:

  • ‘Internationalising’ the classroom, by reviewing the curriculum to ensure it is not solely British-focused and that it offers more international perspectives and opportunities for critical thinking
  • Explore the wider definition of the term ‘Internationalisation’ and provide examples of outstanding academic practice in this area to dispel and inspire beyond a ‘study abroad’ option
  • How academic technology tools can be made more accessible, used more effectively and supported to create international collaboration opportunities for students
  • Exploring aspects of intercultural communicative competence through engagement with the Centre for Applied Linguistics and the Office for Global Engagement.