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Mapping Immigration Controversy

About the project

This project has been set up to study the operation, impacts and implications of two elements of this: an advertising campaign which began in selected London boroughs calling on migrants with insecure legal status to ‘go home’; and a series of high-profile immigration checks and raids in public spaces in super-diverse areas, particularly in London. We want to understand the impacts of policies restricting non-EU citizens’ entry to the UK, and their rights once present and public debate on: migrants (both ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’); racially minoritised British citizens if subject to increased harassment; public opinion about migration; community cohesion and good community relations; and political mobilisations.This research has been designed in collaboration with civil society organisations which have been clear about their needs for robust social scientific evidence that will help them and others to effectively foster good relations.

Research Team

Dr Hannah Jones

Professor Gargi Bhattacharyya

Dr Will Davies

Dr Sukhwant Dhaliwal

Dr Kirsten Forkert

Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam

Dr Emma Jackson

Dr Roiyah Saltus


This project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the UK’s leading research and training agency addressing economic and social concerns. It is one of the first project’s to be funded under a new scheme, the ESRC Pilot Urgency Grants Mechanism, which enables social scientists to conduct research which responds quickly to urgent or unforeseen events.

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