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Transnationalizing Modern Languages

About the project

The AHRC-funded project investigates practices of linguistic and cultural interchange, focusing specifically on the 150-year history of Italy as a nation state and its patterns of emigration and immigration. The team of researchers are investigation specific moments in the histories of the Italian communities established in the UK, the US, Australia, South America, Africa and of the migrant communities of contemporary Italy. Focusing on the cultural associations that each community has formed, they are tracing the patterns of different types of linguistic and cultural translation and, in so doing, challenging and reformulating notions of national identity. Through its inter-disciplinary approach, its harnessing of new resources, and its establishment of new research frameworks, the project is also intended to act as a model for language disciplines and as a means to enhance public understanding of the role of Modern Languages.

Research Team

A team of researches from Queen Margaret University, University of Bristol, University of St Andrews and University of Warwick:

Charles Burdett

Carlo Pirozzi

Jennifer Burns

Loredana Polezzi

Jacopo Colombini

Marco Santello

Derek Duncan

Barbara Spadaro

Margaret Hills de Zàrate

Georgia Wall

Naomi Wells


The project is funded by the british Arts & Humanities Research Council.

Contact inforamtion
Twitter: @TransModernLang