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CIM Staff Office Hours

CIM staff office hours

The office hours of the CIM teaching staff are shown below. You are welcome to see the staff during these hours. You can type in a name to filter the table or click on the column headers (Member of staff, Day, Time) to sort the table alphabetically using that column.

Member of staff Day Time
Emma Uprichard Wednesday 2-4pm
Greg McInerny Tuesday 10am - 12pm
Maria Puig de la Bellacasa Tuesday

10am - 11am (except week 4 @12-1pm)

or email me for an appointment

Michael Castelle Wednesday 3pm - 5pm (week 2 only: Friday 11am-1pm)
Michael Dieter Monday 4pm - 6pm
Nathaniel Tkacz n/a on study leave
Naomi Waltham-Smith Thursday 2pm - 3pm (or email me for an appointment)
Nerea Calvillo Tuesday 11am - 1pm
Noortje Marres Wednesday 3pm - 4pm
James Tripp Monday 1pm - 3pm