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2 Mar '2016

Sam Martin: 'Visualising Coeliac Disease and Chronic Illness: From Big Data Research to a Research Toolkit'

16 Feb '16

Michael Dieter: 'The Optimization Complex'

2 Feb '2016

Celia Lury: 'Discussion on possible grant proposal'

Jan '16

Dr Noortje Marres: 'Experiments in Participation'

16 Feb '15

Scott Wark: 'Furious Aesthetics: Memes, Distributed Media and Methods today'

2 Feb '15

Segah Sak: 'Interplay between the Mental and Digital Images of the City'

19 Jan '15

Chiara Bernardi: 'Visibility through Data'

24 Nov '14

Ana Gross: 'Rendering Overflows Empirical'

10 Nov '14

Michael Dieter: 'Interface Design Aesthetics: Augmentation and Crisis'

27 Oct '14

Sybille Lammes: 'Charting the Digital'