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Craig Gent has co-authored a chapter in Alternative Media: A new Factor in Electoral Politics?

Link to paper:

CIM PhD candidate and IAS early career fellow Craig Gent has a co-authored chapter in the tenth instalment of the Palgrave Macmillan Political Communication series, Political Communication in Britain: Campaigning, Media and Polling in the 2017 General Election (eds. D. Wring, R. Mortimore and S. Atkinson). Featuring practioners' essays from a wide range of political operators, the series has recorded every UK general election for nearly four decades. Craig and his co-author, Michael Walker, are featured as senior editors of Novara Media, a left-leaning multimedia outlet. Craig has worked at Novara Media throughout his PhD at CIM and was invited to lecture on citizen journalism and 'fake news' at Coventry University last year.

The chapter's abstract reads: "Several relatively new digital platforms made a significant contribution to the election, helping generate numerous stories that went viral. The more influential were pro-Labour and included Novara Media, one of the most important of the emerging left websites. Members of the team responsible discuss how they helped promote Jeremy Corbyn and his party’s policies and also defended him and them against their prominent critics within the mainstream media. The piece demonstrates the success of this and other radical websites in reaching a wide audience and highlighting certain issues that otherwise might not have attracted so much attention."