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Craig Gent (Student Researcher)

Craig Gent

I am an Early Career Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Study and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies. My research investigates the politics of algorithmically-managed workplaces, primarily scrutinizing the managerial techniques and technologies found in logistics work. In particular, I am interested in the effects of algorithmic management on the social and political dimensions of the work process and the capacity for workers to organize, struggle or otherwise maximize their interests in algorithmically-dependent forms of work. Drawing on the politically 'interested' methodologies of Italian operaismo, my research adopts a distinctive approach spanning labour studies, media theory, organization studies, the philosophy of technology, and activist discourses; while bridging elements of critical management studies, cybernetics, political economy, phenomenology, architecture and design.

I am also a member of the Connecting Research on Employment and Work (CREW) management committee.


I hold an MA in Social and Political Thought from the University of Sussex and a BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and International Relations from Royal Holloway, University of London. Since coming to Warwick I have also gained a PGCert in Social Sciences Research.

My PhD thesis was titled 'The Politics of Algorithmic Management: Class Composition and Everyday Struggle in Distribution Work'. It was supervised by Nate Tkacz and Celia Lury, and examined in January 2019 by Phoebe V. Moore and Michael Dieter.

Outside of academia, I am a Senior Editor and the Operations Officer at Novara Media.



Gent, C. and Walker, M. (2018) 'Alternative Media: A New Factor in Electoral Politics?' in D. Wring et al (eds.) (2019) Political Communication in Britain: Campaigning, Media and Polling in the 2017 General Election, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Peer-reviewed articles

Gent, C. (2015) 'Is the autonomists' notion of the 'social factory' still relevant?', Studies in Social and Political Thought, 24: 65-78.

Gent, C. (2015) 'With our Backs to the Future', Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture, 11 (1-2): 49-60.


Interview with Costas Lapavitsas for Studies in Social and Political Thought, 23 with Mareike Beck (2014).

Conferences and Talks

2019, 'The future of struggle in algorithmically-mediated work' at The Future of Work and Inequalities, University of Warwick, 13 May.

2019, '"I found this out..." Algorithmic guile vs. black-box management' at Resisting Digital Culture: 'Dystopias, Distortions, Disconnections', King's College London, 10 May.

2019, 'Where control meets resistance: two pecha kuchas on the infrapolitics of work' at Institute for Advanced Study Seminar Series, University of Warwick, 7 March.

2018, 'From chronographs to haptic feedback: an introduction to the politics of motion at work' at Institute for Advanced Study Seminar Series, University of Warwick, 29 November.

2018, 'So what is it you do? A short tour of the methodological challenges of researching the politics of the modern workplace' at Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick, 27 June.

2017, 'Slaves to the algorithm? Class (de/re)composition in computationally-dependent workplaces' at Historical Materialism 14th Annual Conference, SOAS, 11 November.

2017, 'Examining management technologies as a site of conflict: political interests and class composition in distribution warehouses' at 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association: '(Un)Making Europe', Harokopio University, Greece, 30 August.

2016, 'The future of new media' at Real Media National Tour, The Island, Bristol, 16 October. (Invited)

2016, 'What do cybernetic technologies mean for workplaces?' at BSA Work, Employment and Society Conference, University of Leeds, 7 September.

2016, 'What do dashboard interfaces reveal?' at Contemporary Philosophy of Technology Research Seminar, University of Birmingham, 15 March. (Invited)

2015, 'New media, old problems? Technologies of management and control at work, from time and motion studies to dashboard interfaces' at Manchester Centre for Political Theory Annual Workshops, University of Manchester, 2 September.

2015, 'A commons of the digital at work' at Global Center for Advanced Studies World Conference: 'Democracy Rising', University of Athens, Greece, 16 July.

2015, 'Dashboard interfaces: the workers' self-management we never wanted?' at London Conference in Critical Thought, University College London, 27 June.

2015, 'What does the dashboard mean for workers?' at Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick, 26 June.

2015, 'What is not to be done? Towards a politics of autonomy' at CSE Midlands Launch: 'What is to be done in the age of austerity and autonomy?', University of Birmgham, 17 April. (Invited)

2014, 'Digital technology and post-Fordism: the social factory and the margins of work' at London Conference in Critical Thought, Goldsmiths, University of London, 28 June.

2014, 'Internet censorship and the ideology of moderation' at Studies in Social and Political Thought Annual Conference: 'Extremes and Extremism', University of Sussex, 5 June.

2014, 'Is a Promethean politics possible?' at Accelerationism: A workshop and lecture, University of Westminster, 23 May. (Invited)


2017, IM902 Approaches to the Digital (convened by Nathaniel Tkacz)

2017, 358DEL Journalism, Ethics and Society, Coventry University (convened by Jim Clarke)

2016, SO118 Life of Media: Past, Present and Future (convened by Steve Fuller)


2018-2019, IAS Early Career Fellowship

2014-2018, Economic and Social Research Council studentship

2014-2018, ESRC Research and Training Support Grant

2013, Chancellor's Masters Scholarship (University of Sussex)


Royal Institute of Philosophy

Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association

European Sociological Association


Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
Room B0.24
University of Warwick

Email: C dot Gent at warwick dot ac dot uk