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Sam Hind (Teaching Fellow)

Most recently I was attached to a 5-year European Research Council project entitled Charting the Digital, led by Sybille Lammes. As of 2016/2017 I am a Teaching Fellow in CIM.

A host of political, institutional, technological and social transformations occurred in the UK and across the world from 2010-2015. More specifically, it saw the birth of a digital platform designed to help protesters navigate during protests. It was called Sukey. My thesis interrogated the impact and legacy of the Sukey platform; over, and beyond, these tumultuous years. It did so through the lens of ‘disruptive cartography’, arguing that the platform was deployed to disrupt the smooth running of both so-called ‘A-to-B’ demonstrations, and police containment tactics colloquially referred to as ‘kettles’. I contend that the platform did so by providing up-to-date navigational information regarding active phenomena, such as police movements.

Alongside this, I am also primarily interested in the implications of automated driving and 'social' navigation. Most notably, I have focused on the social, technical, cultural and infrastructural 'steps' required to bring this new driving world into being, as well as the ontological shifts concomitant with subsuming the acts of navigation and driving into the car-machine.

I have a BSc. (Hons) in Geography and a MSc. in Geographical Information Science (GIS), both from the University of Manchester. In November 2016 I successfully defended my PhD thesis in Interdisciplinary Studies, in CIM. Throughout this time I have been developing interdisciplinary approaches that take inspiration from the fields of Science and Technology Studies and New Media Studies, as well as being grounded in spatal, geographical and territorial thinking.

I have a number of evolving interests including:

  • Risk and failures (socio-technical, epistemological)
  • Mobile methods/ologies (digital, spatial)
  • Protest events ('A-to-B' demonstrations, student protests, anti-austerity, 'disruption')
  • Care-tographies (mapping as care mechanism)
  • Digital mapping practices (activist, mobile, interactive)
  • Social navigation (sociality, movement)
  • Automated driving (cognition, decision-making, ontologies)

Modules Taught

  • IM913 - Spatial Methods and Practice in Urban Science
  • IM920 - Digital Sociology
  • IM904 - Digital Objects, Digital Methods
  • IM917 - Go Go Gozo

Selected Publications

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

'Territorial Determinism: Police Exercises, Training Spaces and Manoeuvres', Playful Mapping in the Digital Age (Institute of Network Cultures), 2017.

'Maps, Kettles and Inflatable Cobblestones: The Art of Playful Disruption in the City', Media Fields, 2015.

'Digital Mapping as Double-Tap: Cartographic Modes, Calculations and Failures', Global Discourse, 2015 (w/ Sybille Lammes, University of Warwick).

'Outsmarting Traffic, Together': Driving as Social Navigation, Exchanges: the Warwick Research Journal, 1 (2), 2014: no p.n (w/ Alex Gekker, Utrecht University).


'Driving the Future', Wealth Press "Work and Time Issue", 2016.

'Election Reaction: A Left Turn for Labour Now is a Fantasy', Novara Wire, 2015.

'Print this Map. Get off the Internet. Take to the Streets': 5 of the Left's Best Mapping Moments', Novara Wire, 2015.

'#FuckUber: 8 Reasons Why Uber is Bad for All of Us', Novara Wire, 2014.


Mobile Interface Theory, Cartographica, 48 (3): 253-254, 2013.


'Sounds from the Other City: Anechoic Chamber', The Modernist: Experiment, 2015.

Conferences, Workshops & Summer Schools


'Cartographies of Care, or, 'Caretographies'' at CIM PG Conference, University of Warwick, June.

'Risk, Cartographies and the Politics of Care' at TREsPASS Summer School, Royal Holloway, June.

'On Autopilot: Towards a Flat Ontology of Vehicular Navigation' at Media's Mapping Impulse, University of Mainz, June.

'Crypto-cartography and the pragmatics of forgetting' at Living with Algorithms, Royal Holloway, June.

'Protest Event Ethnographies: Building Tacit Knowledges for 'Mapping Moments' at RGS-IBG PG Forum Mid-term Conference, Newcastle University, March.

'Disruption, Disobedience, Disorientation' at LivingMaps seminar, Birkbeck, March.


Association of American Geographers' (AAG) Conference, 'Geographies of Activism' session, Chicago.

International Small Island Cultures (ISIC) Conference, 'Playing the Island' session, Gozo (Malta), June.

CIM PG Conference, CIM, Warwick, June.


Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Association for Cultural Studies, Tampere, August.

Erasmus IP Summer School: Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Games and Play Research, Centre for the Study of Digital Games and Play (GAP), Utrecht, August.

Mobile Media: Making, Cooperation, Work, Research Training Group Locating Media/Situated Media, Siegen, May.

Brains, Maps and Rhythms: Knowledge and Experience in (Bio)political Orders, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), Amsterdam, April.


International Cartography Conference (ICC), International Cartography Association (ICA), Dresden, August.

Digital Methods Summer School: On the Challenges of Studying Social Media Data, Digital Methods Initiative (DMI), Amsterdam, August.


The Citizen Scientist on the Move: Digital Play, Politics and Epistemology, Centre for the Study of Games and Play, University of Utrecht and 7Scenes, August.


Politics of Failure I: Encounters and II: Strategies sessions, AAG Conference, Chicago, 2015 (w/ Clancy Wilmott, University of Manchester)

Time Travellers, Charting the Digital (CTD), Oxford, 2014

Thinking and Doing Digital Mapping, Charting the Digital (CTD), Warwick, 2013

Sam Hind


s dot hind at warwick dot ac dot uk


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University of Warwick