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Ana Gross

I completed my PhD at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies in September 2015. My doctorate, entitled Data Types and Functions: A Study of Framing Devices and Techniques, made use of two distinctive database leaks as occasions to explore how the contextualisation and socialisation of techno-scientific data is carried out as part of ethical, methodological, digital and artistic practices. My research engaged with the effects produced by the introduction of techno-scientific objects, like data, in unusual and everyday settings, and in particular with the methodological opportunities these moments offer for social research.

Research Profile

I have a theoretical and methodological background in Science and Technology Studies (STS), Sociology, Anthropology and the History and Philosophy of Science. My current research interests include interdisciplinary methodologies; methodological innovations in the social sciences; socialisation theories; perspectivism; and ethnomethodological applications in human-machine interaction research.

Academic Profile

I hold a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (Warwick University, 2015); an MA in Social Research (Goldsmiths College, 2011); and a BA in Sociology (Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2004). My Masters and PhD degrees were funded by a 1+3 Economic and Research Council (ESRC) scholarship.

Research Positions

2016 to present – Research Fellow

Social Aspects of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

CIM, Warwick University

2015 to present - Network and Research Facilitator

Performances of Value: Competition and Competitions Inside and Outside Markets

CIM, Warwick University

2014 to 2016 - Research Fellow

Interrogating the Dashboard: Data, Algorithms and Decision Making

CIM, Warwick University

2008 to 2010 – Research Associate - Advertising and Brand Development

Truth Global Strategies

2005 to 2008 – Senior Research Officer - Cultural Policy

Audiences London


(2015) Search and the Ontological Capacities of the Digital. Contemporary Anthropology Special Issue: Is there An Ontology of the Digital?, Volume 28 (7).

(2014) The Downs and Ups of the Consumer Price Index in Argentina: From National Statistics to Big Data. Partecipazione e Conflitto Special Issue on 'Statactivism', 7(2): 258-277 (with Celia Lury).

(2012) The Economy of Social Data: Exploring Research Ethics as Device. The Sociological Review, 59: 113–129.

Other Writting

The Domesticated Aboutness of Big Data Types

The Art of Being Infrequent: Erratic Cultural Consumption and the Attachments of Taste

Precios Cuidados: Experimentos en el Ejercicio Colectivo de Sensación de Variación Cuantitativa

Cuidar Los Datos II: El Índice de Precios al Consumidor y el Secreto del Dato Público en Argentina

How Crucial is Rawness? Review of Raw Data is an Oxymoron by Lisa Gitelman (Ed.)

Selected Talks, Conferences and Workshops

(2015) Personalisation and Everyday Digital Search. Presented at the Ontology of the Digital Workshop organised by CRESC and Open University.

(2015) Connection Perfected: What the Dashboard Reveals. Digital Methods Initiative Winter School, University of Amsterdam (with Nathaniel Tkacz).

(2014) Dashboards: Interface Displays. Presented at the Interface Critique Conference, University of the Arts Berlin. (with Nathaniel Tkacz)

(2014) The Affect of Price: Experiments in the Collective Sensing of Quantitative Change. Presented at the Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Conference (4S). (with Lucia Ariza).

(2013) Specifying Sameness and Difference: Forms of the Generic in the Making (Public) of Consumer Price Indexes. Presented at ‘What Form Does the Generic Take’ Workshop - Centre for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society, University of California, Berkeley. (with Celia Lury).

(2013) Drawn Numbers: Secrets, Public Statistics and Representational Crises. Presented at CRESC Annual Conference. (with Celia Lury).

(2013) The Scandal of the Consumer Price Index: Calculative Infrastructure, the Secrets of Transparency and State Spaces. Presented at Thinking Infrastructure After the Material Turn Conference, University of Hamburg. (with Celia Lury).

(2013) Marginal Details, Digital Evidence: Tracing and Signalling Persons in Search Keywords. Presented at Visibility Matters Conference: Rendering Human Origins and Diversity in Space and Time, University of Lucerne.

(2013) Entexting and Contexting Digital Data: Exploring the Ontological Tournaments of Search Keywords. Presented at The Infrastructures of Digital Culture Workshop, CRESC, Open University.

(2012) Overflowing Personhood and the Shifting Value of Personal Data. Presented at The Lives of Property Conference, Institute of Science, Innovation and Society, University of Oxford.

(2011) The Economy of Social Data: Exploring Research Ethics as Device. Presented at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference, Vrije University of Brussels.

(2011) Quantifying Semiotics. Guest Speaker at MA Brand Development, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Ana Gross

Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

Email: Ana dot Gross at warwick dot ac dot uk