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Henry Mainsah (Marie Curie Fellow)

Henry Mainsah (Marie Curie Fellow)

My current research looks how qualitative inquiry can be enriched by integrating methods and techniques from the fields of design and art. My previous research comprises of an interdisciplinary body of work linking digital media, media production and design. This includes research on themes such as the design of mobile GPS devices for collaborative storytelling, the design of social media youth organizations, the mapping of cultural landscapes of the Arctic, and speculative method experiments using design techniques.

Research Profile

Interdisciplinary methodologies; qualitative inquiry; design; ethnography; Cultural Studies; digital media

Academic Profile

I started as a Marie Curie fellow at CIM in September 2016. I had previously been Associate Professor at the Institute for Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design. At the Oslo School of Architecture and Design I have coordinated the doctoral school that involved students from design, urban studies, and architecture. I have also taught a wide variety of courses at the Master’s and Bachelor levels on subjects varying from digital media, design theory, gender and design, media and popular culture, interaction design and service design.

Current Research Projects

METODA: Methodological Explorations between Design and Social Sciences

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Selected Publications

Mainsah, H. (ed.) Introduction to journal special issue: Social media, design and creative citizenship. Digital Creativity (forthcoming 2017).

Mainsah, H. Brandtzæg, P. & Følstad, A. (2016) Bridging the Generational Culture Gap in Youth Civic Engagement through Social Media: Lessons Learnt from Young Designers in Three Civic Organisations. Journal of Media Innovations, 3(1): 23-40.

Mainsah, H. & Prøitz, L. (2015) Two journeys into research on difference in a Nordic context: a collaborative auto-ethnography. In Andreassen, R. and Vitus, K. (eds.) Affectivity and Race: Studies from Nordic Contexts, London: Ashgate.

Mainsah, H. and Morrison, A. (2014) Participatory design through a cultural lens: Insights from postcolonial theory. In PDC '14: Proceedings of the 13th Participatory Design Conference, Windhoek, Namibia, 06-10 October 2014.

Mainsah, H. & Morrison, A. (2013). ‘Towards a manifesto for methodological experimentation in design research’. In Experiments in Design Research: Proceedings of 6th Nordic Design Research Conference. 9-12 June, Copenhagen.

Henry Mainsah


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