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Segah Sak

I joined CIM for nine months in September 2014 as a visiting researcher to carry out my post-doctoral research. I worked on my project, under the supervision of Sybille Lammes, and through the scholarship of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). This project elaborates on people’s spatial experiences and their consequent mental formations in relation to digital media. In general, I am interested in the socio-spatial issues of contemporary cities, and particularly in city image and urban memory. My works lie in the intersection of memory, media and urban studies.

Research Profile

Cities; city image; urban memory; collective memory; digital humanities; digital memory.

Current Research Projects

The Influence of Digital Media on the Formation of City Image (Post-doctoral Research funded by TUBITAK).


I received my Ph.D. degree in Art, Design and Architecture from Bilkent University in 2013. During my Ph.D. research, I spent a semester at the Queen’s University Belfast, School of Architecture, Planning and Civil Engineering as an Erasmus student. I hold a B.Arch. degree from Gazi University, and an M.F.A. degree in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design from Bilkent University. I have worked as a part-time instructor in the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Departments of Bilkent University and Atilim University in Ankara since 2010. I have taught mainly studio courses and computer based design courses.


Sak, S. (2013). ‘Memory and Place: From Ancient Memory to Cyberspace as Contemporary Collective Memory’ in Memory and Meaning: Digital Differences, Editor: T. Fawns, Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Sak, S. & Basa, I. (2012). ‘The Role of the Train Station in the Image Formation of the Early Republican Ankara’, Journal of Urban History. 38(4): 777-802.

Sak, S. (2011). ‘Collective Memory and Video-Sharing on the Internet’ in Theory on Demand, No.7, Image, Time and Motion: New Media Critique from Turkey (e-book), Editors: A. Treske, U. Onen, B. Buyum and I. A. Degim, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.

Conference Presentations

Sak, S. ‘Digital Representations of Urban Space’, The 9th Global Conference on Cybercultures, 14-16 May, 2013, Lisbon, Portugal.

Sak, S. ‘Cybersocieties and Cybercultural Memory’, The 7th International Cultural Studies Conference: Memory and Culture, 5-7 September 2013, Ankara, Turkey.

Sak, S. ‘On the Fragmented Image of the City’, Summer School / Conference on Digital / Moving Image and Networked Performance: on Cultural Transformations, 8-12 July, 2013, University of Warwick, U.K.

Sak, S. ‘Encoding through Digital Memory and our Remembrances’, 8th Global Conference on Cybercultures, 15-17 May, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.

Sak, S. ‘Memory and Place: From Ancient Individual Memory to Cyberspace as Contemporary Collective Memory’, 4th Global Conference on Digital Memories, 15-17 March, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic.

Sak, S. ‘Digital Storytelling and External Memory: Re-presentation of History’, 4T Conference 2011 - Design, Technology and Experience, 12-13 May, 2011, Izmir, Turkey.

Sak, S. & Senyapili, B. ‘Cyberspace as a Locus for the Sustainability of Urban Collective Memory’, MediaCity 2010 Conference, 29-31 October, 2010, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany.

Segah Sak


Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
University of Warwick