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Seminar 3: Qualitative complexity


3. Qualitative Complexity

Date: Friday 7 November 2014

In this third seminar of this series, we will explore the strengths of qualitative approaches to understand complex social systems. We will also discuss the notion of 'metaphor' and the ways in which this is embedded within complexity approaches more generally. Full AGENDA.


DR JOHN SMITH (Department of Education and Community Studies, University of Greenwich)
Title: (PDF Document) Why Qualitative Complexity? and more detailed (PDF Document) Notes on the talk. (Read Prof. David Byrne's review of Smith and Jenks' [2006] Qualitative Complexity book here.)

Title: (PDF Document) Are we researching society or technology? Qualifying the ambiguous objects of digital social research

DR NICK EMMEL (Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds)
Title: (PDF Document) I'm not Dancing; I’m Zigzagging

DR PIP BEVAN (Sociology, Independent Researcher)
Title: (PDF Document) Change and continuity in rural Ethiopia 1994 (and before) to 2013 (and beyond): a longitudinal study of twenty communities using complexity methods