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Go Go Gozo

20 CATS – CIM students

Final Year 2016-17 -

Tuesday 2nd May - Friday 12th May

This 10 day Erasmus+ course (to be undertaken within the Easter vacation) aims to acquaint students with field-based methodologies during a field course; this takes place on the island of Gozo, chosen as an accessible 'doubly-insular' island, (subsidiary to the main island of the insular Maltese state). It is small enough to serve as a game-board, but large enough to offer a rich diversity of experience. Participants are drawn from Manchester and Warwick (UK), Malta, Utrecht (The Netherlands) and Olomouc (Czech Republic). They comprise 35 students at Masters level, together with academic staff and postgraduate researchers. The interplay between participants delivers a focused learning opportunity, during which mobile and ICT technologies will be deployed in location-based games to explore potential fieldwork methodologies.

Please be advised that this will run as a final year in 2016-17; places are limited and a competitive application process may be required for this module.

The module will deliver information learning in an ongoing field-based encounter between students and staff from different disciplines, bringing together students with academic researchers from Geography, Sociology, Development Studies, Geoinformatics, Game Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies and New Media Studies in order to explore the links between mapping, mobility and play and where students learn through playing location-based 'serious games'.

Its key objectives are:
1. to bring students from different contexts to the field, through blended mobility, where they will develop novel, digital, mobile and map-based research methods and skills;
2. to assess the potential of playful, experiential and participatory learning in this context;
3. to devise a course structure that facilitates interdisciplinary and multinational encounters in the real world beyond the academy.

Support for travel and accommodation will be available for selected CIM students.