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Applying Online - Checklist for Erasmus Mundus in Complex Systems Science Applications

After applying please check carefully that you have done ALL of the following. If not see apply online instructions.

  1. You have applied through the Univeristy of Warwick Postgraduate Application Portal.
  2. You have received your Student Number
  3. Your application includes a personal/motivation/purpose of study statement
  4. You have stated mobility preference (e.g. in personal statement)
  5. You have declared any other Erasmus Mundus funding and/or applications (e.g. in personal statment)
  6. You have included a brief CV
  7. You have included a transcript of your studies to date
  8. You have answered about your English, and included copy of any certificate
  9. You have included copy of (main page of) passport or national ID card

Anything missing: go to document upload instructions.

A good idea: politely enquire of your referees whether they have sent in their references yet. You can refer them to document upload instructionsif they need instructions.


  • All applicants must take full responsibility for ensuring your applications is complete, without prompting by us.


We send a scholarship nomination list to the EU agency for Erasmus Mundus in Brussels by Feb 28 2013. The week after that, we will advise you by email where you stand on that list. There are three possible outcomes:

  1. You are nominated for a scholarship: the award is subject to approval by the EU agency (which could take up to one month), and any outstanding University admissions conditions (such as certification of suppporting documents).
  2. You are ranked on our Reserve List, so you might get an offer later if others decline (many students apply for multiple EM courses, so that does happen).
  3. We are not taking your application further.

If you have indicated other possible sources of funding to join our programme, we may separately offer you a place to go with that funding.