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Applying Online - Information for Complexity Science Students

For most PhD and complexity MSc students, completing the form on the Warwick Application Portal should be self-explanatory. These notes are intended to provide additional support for those applying to the Erasmus Mundus MSc in Complex Sytems Science programme or for those who are not native English speakers.

The fiirst time in to the Warwick Application Portal, you will need to enter some personal details and CREATE AN ACCOUNT. You can do this any time - you do not need to wait until you are ready to apply.

At the COURSE page select the course you wish to study.

On the [Supporting Information and] EMPLOYMENT page, there is a box for "Purpose of Study" (and a file can alternatively be uploaded).

Please include the following:

  • Your general motivation for study, and what attracts you to our course in particular?
  • What do hope to achieve on our course?
  • What do you hope to do afterwards?
  • If you have non-standard qualifications: how are you qualified for our course?
  • Where relevant, plans to include your language skills.

If you are applying for the ERASMUS MUNDUS Masters, your preferences (between Gothenburg,Chalmers, Paris, Warwick) as to

  • (a) "First Mobility": where to start on the course and
  • (b) "Second Mobility": where to go second?

Declaration of other Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses for which you are applying at the same time (acronyms like CSSM sufficient).

When you reach the FINANCE page:

If you wish to be considered for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship then please write this in as a Scholarship applied for. We will then interpret your application as also applying for a scholarship (despite what the page appears to say) provided it is complete by our deadline. You can write in up to four funding possibilities in total (provided you select either 'scholarship' or 'studentship' - don't worry about which).Do not enter Self/Family/Employer as your funding unless you really do have (most of) the means to fund your studies that way.

Your follow-up acknowledgement email (see example, not the first minimal one) will contain instructions for students who really cannot afford to pay the application fee.