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Understanding the Experiences of Female Detainees in Police Custody

Academic Team: Jackie Hodgson and Vanessa Munro

COPR researchers Professors Jackie Hodgson and Vanessa Munro in Warwick Law School are investigating the experiences of female detainees in police custody. Working with academic colleagues (Dr Layla Skinns, Sheffield and Dr Roxanna Dehaghani, Cardiff) and Katie Kempen (Chief Executive, Independent Custody Visiting Association), they have carried out a pilot study to investigate the needs and experiences of female detainees and the different ways in which these are met. This has involved speaking to detainees directly, as well as those managing Independent Custody Visiting schemes in five different areas of England and Wales. The findings of this preliminary investigation will be presented in the spring in order to gain feedback and suggestions from a range of practitioners and policymakers, including the police themselves, with a view to conducting a larger scale study in collaboration with several police forces.

Thu 24 Jan 2019, 17:30 | Tags: custody practices