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DR@W is actively involved in the investigation of human decision making and behavior. Our research helps to illuminate some of the most interesting and complex processes of the human mind and decision making. By participating in DR@W studies you become a valued member of our community. The insight you provide is vital to our researchers who express their gratitude through a variety of compensations.

Participant Sign-Up System

This will take you to Warwick University's SONA System, where you can sign up to be a Participant and take part in our research studies. Researchers can access the system from here too.

Participant Information

Find out more information about being a participant and what is involved.


For laboratory directions, contact information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) please see this Resources page.

Researcher Sign-Up

If you are looking to conduct research within our laboratories, you will need to sign-up and attend an induction meeting. Click here to be taken to the Sign-up page.

Researcher Information

If you are eligible and have signed up to be a researcher, see further information here including relevant documentation and details regarding our lab procedures and processes.

DR@W Umbrella

Only for members of the DR@W Group who are part of the DR@W Umbrella and would like to apply under the Umbrella for their research.