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50 Years of Warwick Enterprise

Warwick’s reputation for enterprise originates from its alumni. Some are celebrities in the arts and entertainment industry. Some have built organisations larger than Warwick; others have successfully started multiple smaller companies that collectively are significant innovators and employers. Others have founded organisations that make significant social impact.50 Years of Warwick Enterprise

Inspiring and supporting our entrepreneurial graduates

50 Years of Warwick Enterprise collects these stories:

  • How did they get started?
  • What inspired them?
  • What do they want to pass on to the next generation?
If you are an entrepreneur from Warwick, past or present, please share your experience with us.

The University of Warwick and the Warwick Enterprise Partnership invites you to tell your inspiring stories and help lay the foundations for the next 50 years of enterprise.

We will share your story for the benefit of students and the public via the Enterprise at Warwick website and our social networking outlets such as LinkedIn. You can send us your enterprising story as a written profile or a short video.

Helping our current student entrepreneurs

To develop our support network for enterprising students over the next 50 years, we need your help. If you are an alumnus or simply like what we do at Warwick, please consider:

Becoming a Warwick Venture Mentor

Share your experience and expertise by donating at least 5 hours to mentor student entrepreneurs - remotely or in-person. Venture Mentors will form small teams supporting student entrepreneurs according to the size and stage of their projects. This maximises the contribution Venture Mentors can make individually and collectively. It also provides opportunities for them to collaborate with other alumni and to extend professional networks. Please register your interest in becoming an Warwick Venture Mentor so we can organise the support you would like to offer.

Donating to the Student Enterprise Fund

While personal mentoring and advice is perhaps most important, money still makes the world go round. The Student Enterprise Fund is a philanthropic fund that will make small grants (up to £2,500) for student projects. Funds will mainly be used to test ideas in the marketplace, develop skills and build professional networks, e.g. proof of concept development, websites, attending boot camps, external courses and travel expenses.

We are working with Crowdfund Campus, a business founded by a recent Warwick alumnus in the Warwick Ventures Software Incubator, to run the fundraising campaign. The investment committee of the Student Enterprise Fund comprises members of the Warwick Enterprise Partnership and alumni to review applications and make awards. The Fund will be managed by the University. If you would like to donate to the Student Enterprise Fund, please register your interest at Crowdfund Campus.

Enterprising alumini through the decades

1965 to 1975
  • Jack Butterworth, University of Warwick
  • Peter Lammer, Sophos
  • Marek Gumienny, Candover & 24 Haymarket
  • Tony Wheeler, Lonely Planet
  • Phil O’Donovan, Cambridge Silicon Radio
    1975 to 1985
    1985 to 1995
    1995 to 2005
    • Zoe Muller, wildlife biologist
    • Stephen Merchant, writer/comedian
    • Steve Goodman/Kode9, Hyperdub
    • Ben Cater, Cycle Surgery
    • Rachael Paddick, public relations
    2005 to 2015